Thursday, February 22, 2007

Love those trees

OK, so these posts are getting very infrequent, but as I've said before, life is getting busy. The main reason is the birth of a new baby son, as announced in this thread over at So, I thank you for your patronage, and don't give up on me, but I can't promise the level of posting I had maintained in the past.

The shots in this post highlight some beautiful tree landscapes as delivered by FSX. I have found that if I pick a fairly rural area I can crank up the autogen and still get good performance (by which I mean frame rates in the mid to upper teens with occasional 20's). It seems the tree autogen is a lot less demanding than buildings. Your mileage may vary, of course. This area is the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, a place I've spent a bit of time in. This density of trees really adds to the immersion factor, especially as you are coming in low and seeing the nearer hills looming up.

So what else is new? When I get a chance to fly next, I hope to spend more time in a fantastic (free) scenery addon, the Bella Coola region in Canada by Holger Sandmann. Look for the file at avsim.