Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dad's computer, part 3

I delivered Dad's computer last week. I planned on spending some time showing him what's new, which is not much, except everything runs faster. Actually, Golden Wings was new to him, but it works the same way as default FS.

I thought that I would let Dad do all the flying, while I gave tips, with the idea that you remember things better if you do them yourself. However, I soon found myself sitting in the pilot's seat and giving him the tour. Dad is very intelligent, but not too computer savy. At his age his ability to pick up new skills has slowed a little bit. He learns enough to get along, but mostly by remembering a sequence of actions. In other words, many things that become second nature for us younger folks are not second nature for him. The breaking point which made me jump in was when I wanted him to try out F1view, which requires depressing the middle mouse button, which in this case is a scroll wheel. He kept clicking the right button instead, which pauses the sim brings up that darn menu.

I'm sure by this time he's having a blast (and gotten comfortable with the middle mouse button). I mean to check in soon to see if he ran into any snags. Although I insisted he call me if he has any trouble, he's more likely to write a bunch of questions down and ask me next time I visit.

By the way, all of the screenshots are from the new rig. Extra-observant readers may note the low frame rate in the Sabre shot and think I'm exagerating how well the rig performs, but this is an atypical moment, and is a shot of a fast plane at Grimshaw's highly-detailed Logan Airport, with traffic! Mostly this machine gives solid mid to upper twenties.

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