Thursday, March 08, 2007

Little guy's first flight

I discovered a possible new use (excuse) for flightsimming! The other night I was holding the new baby while sitting at the computer, and I fired up FSX. He started to get fussy as I was loading up a flight featuring Bill Lyon's Travel Air. But as soon as I throttled up the engine, and heard the roar of that great radial engine, he settled right down! Is this a new baby soothing technique? Experienced parents know that the sound of a vacuum cleaner can settle a fussy baby (I even made a cassette recording of vacuum sounds for the twins when they were babies!).

It's too early to draw conclusions based on one event, but I can see the possibilities. Baby fussing hon? Let me go take him flying. On the other hand (literally) its a bit hard to fly with a tot nestled in your left arm. Maybe its time to invest in a Track IR?

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