Thursday, July 06, 2006

I [heart] Alaska!

Just a quick note here. I have fallen in love with Alaska. I have spent a fair amount of time around Anchorage over the past year, but I have discovered whole new worlds in the Alaskan "panhandle". I found these in the best possible way (for a flightsimmer), i.e. by flying there.
I thought it might be interesting to fly from Seattle to Anchorage (over many evenings) so that's what I've been doing on my dedicated flying nights. What I didn't expect is that the further up I got the more amazing the scenery gets. Every time I stop somewhere I think "I should make this my new favorite place to fly". But then I get to the next place...
So, I thought Ketchikan was the place to be, but now I am all excited about Glacier Bay. Actually, I cheated a little here by downloading and previewing the G. B. scenery before actually flying there (my Aero Commander is still in Ketchikan). I got a nice freeware scenery improvement by Holger Sandmann. He has made an amazing payware enhancement for this region, which I have not broken down and bought yet, but this freeware stuff is pretty good by itself. The above picture does not show any of the nifty glaciers or shorelines, but captures a little of the natural beauty. I may stay here a while.

Oh, you want to see a glacier? Here's one:

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