Monday, May 22, 2006

Early to rise

I'm a busy family guy, and free time is pretty scarce. I do my flightsimming when I can squeeze it in. Lately I've been getting up early to do a short flight or two before work. This shows how addicted I have become to this hobby, that it actually gets me out of bed early. Actually, that's not quite true. It gets me out of bed on time (no more hitting the snooze 10 times). Since I do these flights while eating breakfast, its not really taking much extra time from my day.

I really enjoy these early morning flights. Often I will set the time of day to the actual clock time, and real-world weather (except when that would preclude VFR flying). The other day I looked out the back door and saw the moon, so I set the real time and date and flew along with the moon in the sky (yes, it does accurately simulate the lunar cycle). Last week I was flying a short flight in the Stearman from Richmond (RI) airport to Quonset Point. Very nice with the sun coming up over Narragansett Bay, with the Jamestown and Newport bridges in the background!

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