Thursday, May 25, 2006

I think I'm hooked on the DC-3

OK, I think I've found my next big flightsimming project. I want to master the DC-3. Not only is it such a beautiful plane to watch, but it will a challenge to become proficient. I will feel pretty satisfied when I can make dependable good landings. Finally, most of the skills will be in hand flying, which is what I love the most.

A lot of folks like to learn how to fly the big jets, and learn all the sophisticated navigation and autopilotage. They can have it--I want my hands on the yoke and throttle. I do want to learn a little basic ADF navigation, so I can start exploring the world of poor weather and night flying. (I do night flying now, but its the kind where you take off at airport A, go South until you see the bright lights of airport B.)

The DC-3 will also be good for those short hops. For me, flying is all about takeoffs and landings. If you get the landings closer to the takeoffs, you can do more flights!

So tonight I will do some pattern flying, followed by a short cross-country flight (maybe Providence to Provincetown).

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