Thursday, June 08, 2006

Its always something new

OK, just when I made up my mind to hunker down and really learn how to fly the DC-3, I got distracted by the St. Exupery flight. Then I got diverted into exploring the geography of the Pyrenees. With the new mesh, this is very exiting terrain to fly over. I have flown the Dehaviland Comet, a Mustang, and a TravelAir. I found a nice airstrip in the foothills , and I set up and saved a flight with the Ford Trimotor, in soggy weather. So far I have flown a couple of circuits, but I am ultimately planning on flying it this weather to some location on the western side of the range. This would be pure dead reckoning and pilotage, as that airplane doesn't even have an ADF.

But this scattered focus can lead to flightsim ennui. So, I think tonight's session (Thursday! the night of my weekly long session) will be concerned primarily with the DC-3 again. I need to keep working the pattern. I'm pretty sure my problems the other night before was due to too high an approach speed. I'm going to work on getting close to 70 knots at touchdown. Once I get good at the pattern, I will start working on navigation. Then, I can do a few short cross-country trips.

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