Sunday, June 04, 2006

More on Saint Exupery

I managed to finish the flight from Toulouse to Zargosza, Spain. In the image above, you can see me in flight over the Pyrenees. This was the first part of the trip, before the computer crashed. The view was nice, tho the default terrain mesh was a little, well, non-intimidating. Smooth lumpy hills. I wished to see more rocky crags. I have since downloaded and applied a 32 meter mesh, which is much more interesting to fly above, or into.

When I created a new flight starting where the previous one had left off I decided to add a little excitement in the way of the "Building Storms" weather theme. You can see some lightning in this shot. This resulted in some turbulence, and one lightning strike awfully close to the plane, but otherwise a non-eventful trip.

So this excercise by itself didn't fill me with awe and admiration for the men who did it for real. (I guess it would be a little more challenging if I could simulate the experience of being in an open cockpit at 12,000 feet.) I may try to do this again with much less visibility, or without consulting the flight simulator map (which shows the exact position of your aircraft)

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